Sharp Peak 


"Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations"

Are you up for the challenge? 

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- Impressive scenery;

- Striking 360' vistas;

- Stunning mountains views;

- Stunning sea views;

- Great work out.

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Sharp Peak is the highest mountain peak located in Sai Kung Country Park, the biggest national park in Hong Kong with an area about 140 square kilometres.

Sai Kung Country Park was created in 1978 and there are two main country parks - Sai Kung East and West Country Park. It is a popular leisure destination in Hong Kong. Many locals and tourists as well visit the country park on weekends and holidays. Camping and hiking are among the most popular activities there.

The hiking routes are really scenic and spectacular. Some of them are challenging and physically demanding other ones are easy and suitable for a family day out. Sharp Peak is the most scenic hike but at the same time hazardous and dangerous.

It is even advised by the Hong Kong government not to go there as the trail is very tricky and dangerous. But anyway if you are a frequent hiker and you are in a good shape, you have nothing to worry about. The only precaution is to be careful on your way back as the descent is very steep and greasy.

Highly recommended to wear gloves and sport boots with anti-slip sole. For clear understanding have a look at the photo below. That's how the most of the trail looks like.


! Don't go there in a hot summer day. Best time to go - during winter time.

! Don't go there in a rainy day.

! Don't go there without proper sport equipment. 

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The hike to the Sharp Peak is a great opportunity to see the whole Sai Kung country park from the top. The ascent is very steep and when you climb up you feel as if you are an alpinist, as if you have a target and you have no choice to go back but only keep going. It is a challenge, and you can't give it up.

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How to get there

The most common way to Sharp Peak from Pak Tam Au

To reach a starting point of the Sharp Peak hike you have to get to Pak Tam Au bus stop. The way to the bus stop from city centre is about 2 hours:


2. Take EXIT B at Diamond Hill. Turn right, after approx. 30 m turn right again to the subway. Then cross a road. On your right you will see a bus terminus. Take a minibus 1A to Sai Kung Pier. The journey is about 30 minutes.

3. Take bus 94 at Sai Kung Pier. Get off At Pak Tam Au bus stop and take the MacLehose trail section 2. You won't miss it, it starts exactly near the public toilet. Follow the trail, enjoy picturesque views, relax and appreciate this paving path as in about one hour you have to take left and climb up. That's how the stairs to the Peak look like, at this point you have to get off the MacLehose trail and start the hike to the Sharp Peak.

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From Sai Wan Pavilion via Ham Tin beach to Sharp peak (my way of hiking)

The first two steps are the same:


2. Take EXIT B at Diamond Hill. Turn right, after approx. 30 m turn right again to the subway. Then cross a road. On your right you will see a bus terminus. Take a minibus 1A to Sai Kung Pier. The journey is about 30 minutes.

3. At Sai Kung Pier go to the bus stop near McDonalds and Park&shop at Chan Man Street. Take bus 29R to Sai Wan Pavilion. This bus is a kind of a private transport and has a schedule. 

4. From Sai Wan Pavilion I take the Maclehose trail hiking route and go to Ham Tin beach, and from there I continue following the Maclehose trail until the sign "To sharp Peak".

This route combines two hiking trails - Four Beaches hike and Sharp Peak. I go hiking to Sai Kung country park more than often, so for me the Maclehose trails section 1 and section 2 are like a weekend routine and a very scenic work out. For first time hikers I won't recommend to use my hiking route and combine the Four beaches hike and Sharp peak.  

Hiking Route

Even at the beginning of the route, the views are incredibly beautiful. I can't stop admiring these beaches. The picture below was taken maybe in 3 minutes after getting off MacLehose trail. The first thought when you see the peak somewhere far way is that it takes you ages to get there. But as it always happens don't think how to do it, just do it. Keep going.

Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations. 

All your way to Sharp Peak you feel as if you are in the middle of nowhere, as if the only thing you can hear is the whistle of the wind. Such dramatic views are impossible to describe, you have to see them by yourself. The gorgeous mountains and the infinite ocean. The power of nature. You even start to believe you can fly.

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The closer, the peak, the steeper the path.

But it is worth going there, the 360' views from the top are breathtaking! You feel as if you are a conqueror.

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Going back

You have two option to go back - take the same path and go to Pak Tam Au or take a path leading to Ham Tin beach where you can go to Sai Kung Pier by boat.

But keep in mind that during weekends and public holidays there can be too many people on the beach so it is better to book a boat in advance. The price is 150 HKD per person.

Otherwise you have to go further, from Ham Tin beach to Sai Wan pavilion via Maclehose trail, that is another another hiking route. 


- sport boots with anti-slip sole;

- gloves;

- sunscreen;

- hat;

- sun glasses;

- one or two litres of water.

Hike Summary

distance - 11,6 km (only hike)

duration - 4 hours 30 minutes (only hike, excluding public transport)

highest point - 478 m

In conclusion, I'd like to tell you one more time - this hike is only for experienced hikers and strong confident people in a good shape. It is worth going there and explore all the beauty of Sai Kung National Park.

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April, 2018