Four Beaches Hike

Sai Kung Park

The Treasure of Hong Kong


- Four Beaches Hike is one of the most scenic hike in Hong Kong

- Impressive scenery with picturesque bays and coves

- Stunning mountains and ocean views

- Great work out

- Remote seaside area

The most spectacular and picturesque hiking route "Four Beaches" is located in Sai Kung Country Park, the biggest national park of Hong Kong with an area about 140 square kilometers. It was created in 1978 and there are two main country parks - Sai Kung East and West Country Park.

Sai Kung Country Park is a real treasure of Hong Kong - beautiful pristine beaches, gorgeous magnificent mountains, wonderful small coves, majestic cliffs and scenic bays.

The park is very green with rich flora and fauna. Such a great opportunity to escape from hectic Hong Kong.

Four Beaches Hike is number one in my hiking list of Hong Kong. And here I will tell you my way of hiking.

How to get there

Before the main hiking route, you have to reach the starting point - Sai Wan Pavillion.

The way to Sai Wan Pavilion from city centre is about 2 hours:


2. Take EXIT B at Diamond Hill. Turn right, after approx. 30 meters turn right again to the subway. Then cross Choi Hung Road. On your right you will see a bus terminus. Take minibus 1A to Sai Kung Pier. The journey is about 30 minutes.

3. At Sai Kung Pier go to the bus stop near McDonalds and Fusion supermarket at Chan Man Street.

Tip! If you don't take enough water here is your chance to buy it at Welcome.

Take bus 29R to Sai Wan Pavillion. This bus is a kind of a private transport and has a schedule.

There's usually a long queue of people but there is nothing to worry about, there will be a seat for everybody as in high season there are several buses going one after another.

29R Bus Schedule 

Monday to Friday (except Public holidays):

From Sai Kung Town Centre (Chan Man Street) to Sai Wan Pavilion - 8:30; 9:15; 11:30; 15:30.

From Sai Wan Pavilion to Sai Kung Town Centre (Chan Man Street) - 9:00; 9:45; 12:00; 16:45.

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays:

From Sai Kung Town Centre (Chan Man Street) to Sai Wan Pavilion - 8:30; 9:15; 10:00; 11:00; 11:30; 15:30; 16:15; 16:45.

From Sai Wan Pavilion to Sai Kung Town Centre (Chan Man Street) - 9:00; 9:45; 12:00; 14:15; 15:30; 16:45; 17:00; 17:30; 18:00.

One way ticket is 17 HKD per person, and the journey is around 30 minutes.

Tip! As an option you can get a taxi from Sai Kung Pier to Sai Wan Pavillion. It will cost you 100-120 HKD. For a group of people, it makes sense as you can split it up. But if you are alone bus 29R is the best choice.

Four Beaches Hike

The distance from Sai Wan Pavilion to Sai Wan Beach is 2 km and an average hiking time is 30-40 minutes, depending on how many stops you will make on your way. Nature is beautiful, and it is hardly possible not to take several pictures.

Sai Kung Reservoir

At Sai Wan Village there are several restaurants to grab some food or refresh yourself with cold drinks.

All restaurants offer boat tickets to Sai Kung Pier. If you are tired and don't want to go hiking back you can take a boat.

The price for a boat ride from Ham Tin Beach or Sai Wan Beach to Sai Kung Pier is 130-150 HKD per person.

That's how the beach looks like.

Sai Wan Beach

The Four Beaches hike is very scenic. Each beach is separated by mountains, so you have to climb over them to reach the next point. And if honestly, the route is not difficult as you have amazing views all the way round.

The distance from Sai Wan Beach to Ham Tin Beach is about 2 kilometers, approx. 35 minutes hike. The views are all over around - beautiful coves, bays and cliffs.

 Tip! Keep the sign "MacLehose Trail" not to lose your way.

You can take a rest at Ham Tin Beach, grab some food, relax on the beach and then continue your journey.

Ham Tin Beach from the top

There is usually not too many people, so the beach looks pristine and gorgeous. 

Next Beach, Tai Long Beach, is just behind the mountain. There are two main ways to go there, one is quite tricky - you have to climb through the jungle to the top and then go down to the beach, another one is easy and comfortable - simply take the road to the right behind the restaurant at Ham Tin Beach. This road leads you directly to Tai Long Beach.

The beach from the top of the mountain

How to get back to Sai Kung Pier

As I mentioned before the easiest and fastest way to go back is by boat. It will cost you 130-150 HKD and you will reach your destination just in 30 minutes.

If you'd like to continue your hike you have to go back to Ham Tin Beach and take a trail to Pak Tam Au. The path is just behind the restaurant.

You won't miss it.

The distance is 6,5 km.

The average time is about 1,5-2 hours.

Tip! Don't forget to buy some water in a restaurant.

Views are awesome even on the way back.

But be ready that the road is going up and down.

When you reach to Pak Tam Au bus stop, take bus 94 to Sai Kung Pier. 

From Sai Kung Pier you have already know how to get to Diamond Hill MTR station and then to your final destination. 

Hiking in Sai Kung Country Park is a day long activity, so don't make any plans when going to Sai Kung. The beaches and nature itself is absolutely breathtaking and cost every effort you made.


April, 2018