Sabio by the Sea

Hangover Brunch at Sabio by the Sea 

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About Sabio Tapas Bar

Sabio Tapas Bar has three location in Singapore - Sabio Tapas Bar at 5, Duxton Hill street, Sabio Orchard at 260 Orchard Road, and Sabio by the Sea at 31 Ocean Way, Sentosa Cove. All of them offer a wide selection of Authentic Spanish tapas, which are created from the really freshest ingredients from Spain, and an array of imported Spanish Cava and Sangria. You will find all Spanish favourites such as Jamon, Gazpacho, Chorizzo, Churros. All of them are perfect for sharing.

This article is a review of Hangover weekend brunch at Sabio by the sea. The bar with a relaxing laid-back atmosphere of Sentosa Cove is a perfect place to spend your weekend with friends, family or your beloved. The view is really spectacular overlooking the cove with gorgeous white yachts of different sizes. And, moreover, Sabio by the sea features not only tapas but grilled meats and fishes as well. The concept "by the sea" really reflects Spanish tradition of spending weekend near the sea savoring some tapas together with a glass of Cava.

Hangover brunch with a free-flow of Cava and Sangria is available  every Saturday and Sunday from 11:30 to 15:00


- Authentic Spanish cuisine;

- relaxing atmosphere with sea views;

- free-flow of Cava and Sangria.


59,9 $ ++ (add 30$ for free-slow of Cava and Sangria) for adults

30$++ for kids aged 7-11


Sabio by the sea is one of my favourite alfresco dining restaurants. There are tables inside and outside, all sittings overlook magnificent Sentosa Cove, and whatever table you choose, the view will be amazing. Last time we visited Sabio, the weather was so lovely with clear blue sky and warming rays of the sun and we couldn't stop admiring the scenery. It was the Christmas eve, and New Year atmosphere was created by glossy bright decorations - the whole restaurant was in white fluffy snowflakes, cute small Santa-clauses, tiny funny snow-men and Christmas tinsels. In general, Sabio by the sea has a contemporary design with cosy wooden furniture in American style and huge contemporary paintings hanging from the walls. I like the designer's idea to use empty bottles of beer as vases with flowers. This small detail with beautiful red roses in bottles adds some extraordinary and brightness to the interior.


The brunch starts at 11:30 and lasts till 15:00. So you have enough time to enjoy your food, to try as many dishes as possible, to have as many glasses of champagne as you can. The menu consists of cold tapas, hot tapas, mains from the grill and desserts.

Tip! Be careful with your choice as the restaurant has a wastage policy - you have to consume all meals you order otherwise you have to pay extra for it.

A tapa is an appetizer or snack in Spanish cuisine and translates to small portion of any kind of Spanish cuisine. Tapa may be cold or hot. In some bars and restaurants in Spain and across the globe, 

Cold Tapas

We started our Spanish brunch with cold tapas. From Spanish a tapa simply means an appetizer or snack of any kind of traditional Spanish cuisine, tapas are usually served in small portions, so you can try a lot of them, especially if you share tapas with others. There are about ten different cold tapas in menu chorrizo salad, baby spinach salad, caviar of eggplant, spicy olives, gazpacho, assorted Spanish cheese, Serrano ham, pan con Sardinas, toasted bread with tomatoes. We can be highly recommend to try spicy olives, which is a perfect match with Spanish champagne, Cava,  sardines, and famous Spanish Serrano ham. For your information ham in Spanish is "Jamon", Serrano Jamon is a type of dry-cured pig legs, which is made from pigs from mountain regions.

Everybody knows the famous Spanish cold tomato soup - gazpacho. In a hot summer weather a cool refreshing soup is always an excellent choice. Here gazpacho is of a very high quality. 

Soft baguettes with serrano ham and traditional Spanish cheese, manchego, were delicious and satisfying. One portion is more than enough for two people as there are so many other tapas to try.

Hot Tapas

Then we moved on to hot tapas. The menu is as big as 13 different tapas! What should be mentioned are garlic mushrooms, capsicum stuffed with chicken (stuffed peppers), gambas pil pil, clams with garlic sauce, and pan fried calamares. As being seafood lovers we really like the choice of seafood tapas at Sabio. All seafood, prawns, clams, squid, was the freshest quality. Even if you are not so fond of prawns, you should definitely try gambas pil pil here, it was super creamy, tasty and spicy. Gambas pil pil is a tapas appetizer of prawns served in a hot, sizzling garlic sauce garlic with chilli and olive oil. The portion is quite big, one will be enough for two people.

Then we tried another highlight of Sabio tapas bar - clams with garlic sauce. We even ordered this dish twice - so creamy, so yummy, so delicious!

We tried toasted bread with tomatoes and assorted Spanish cheese plate but it turned out to be too much as cheese came with a french baguette too.

From the grill

From the grill section youhave to choose from the following -grilled tuna steak, herbs marinated pig shoulder or asparagus and serrano ham with soft eggs.

Reaching the grill section we were so full that we tried only a tuna steak, which is highly recommended. As an option you can pay extra 15$ for small paella (choose between Negra, Carne, Pescado or Vegetarian).

We ended up our bubbly brunch with a cup of cappuccino and a Spanish dessert - Churros. Churro is a fried-pan pastry, topped with sugar or cinnamon, and served with chocolate. I like churros as they are not to sweet or, at least you have a choice whether to dip them into chocolate or not. 

Sabio by the sea is highly recommended by us. Really can suffer your hangover or... can be your next hangover. Great value for money. Relaxing atmosphere and spectacular views. Have a look at the full menu.

P.S for the last year we have visited Sabio by the sea weekend brunch more than five times.