Ngon Villa Restauant

Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine

Ngon Villa is now a chain of restaurants in Vietnam, there are branches in Hanoi, Hoian and Danang. Ngon Villa in Hanoi is an extremely popular place among locals and tourists as well. This beautifully decorated restaurant in the hustle an bustle of Hanoi offers a truly exquisite and authentic Vietnamese food for years. What differs Ngon Villa from other restaurants is the buffet option at a very reasonable price. All-you-can-it-menu with small portions of sophisticated dishes is highly recommended. This buffet allows you to taste as many dishes as possible, and even repeat them, if you want. Wine and other drinks are not included in the buffet menu, but you can order them a la carte. Ngon Villa provides cooking classes as well for those who are interested in Vietnamese cuisine.



- Authentic Vietnamese cuisine;

- Live music;

- Sophisticated interior in a colonial style;

- Romantic dinner;

- Buffet option just for 15 USD.

Tip!  The restaurant has a perfect location - just in the heart of Hanoi’s local food street. The address is  No 10, Tong Duy Tan Str, Hoan Kiem District.

Interior and Design

It is a well-known fact that Vietnam had been a French colony for a long time, the French cultural influence is greatly felt everywhere, especially in architecture and food. The building of Ngon Villa was built in 1889 for a French army captain, and the restaurant reflects this prominent period of Vietnam's history. Today Ngon Villa with its elegant atmosphere serves Vietnam's finest cuisines in a historical glorious landmark. 

I am really impressed by this restaurant. We were in Hanoi for a couples of days, but we managed to visit the restaurant three times. It was a really sensational experience, for such a good price (15 USD for a buffet) you get an exceptional service and sophisticated food in a very elegant atmosphere. Ngon Villa has tables in a beautiful red tiled courtyard with a big tree decorated with coloured lanterns and tables inside the villa. The atmosphere is very romantic and relaxing. If you want to have dinner in relaxing atmosphere, choose a table inside - chandeliers on the ceiling, candles on the shelves, orchids and lanterns hanging outside the windows make the atmosphere romantic and mysterious.  


Menu consists of more than a hundred dishes popular in North, Central and South Vietnam. They are marked in menu as N, C, S and for your convenience they are all described in English (Vietnamese as well). When you are looking at the menu you don’t know where to look first, abundance of dishes from sweeter flavours of the Chinese-influenced cuisine, the spice of the central and the harmony of the North is very impressive. So here, in Ngon Villa, you have a unique opportunity to choose a Buffet option and try everything you want. You can choose a buffet for 360,000 VND (it’s only 15 USD) or 580,000 VND (25 USD). For 360,000 VND you can select as many dishes as you want from most of the menu, and for 580, 000 VND the whole menu is opened for selection. The second buffet option allows you to choose dishes with shell crab, eel and geoduck.

Believe our experience that choice of food in the buffet for 360,000 VND is really great and it’s no sense to choose the more expensive option. But it’s up for you.

So the buffet menu consists of appetisers (8 dishes), soup, including the world famous Pho, main courses and desserts. There is also list of signature dishes, which are a must try. Among them are marinated beef with herbal salad, crispy crab meat spring rolls, sweet and sour green mango salad with seafood, braised eggplant with seafood and many others.

Our must try list of Vietnamese dishes

Pho - Number One is undoubtedly a Vietnamese noodle soup.  Pho is a Vietnamese soup consisting of broth, rice noodles, different kinds of  herbs like lime leafs, sprouts, and meat, primarily made with either beef or chicken. Pho is a popular street food in Vietnam and an extremely popular dish worldwide. 

Vietnamese spring roll - a refreshing appetiser, a Vietnamese dish traditionally consisting of pork, prawn, vegetables, and other ingredients wrapped in Vietnamese rice paper or another words "cold roll". Spring rolls are usually served with a special Vietnamese sauce.

Fried rolls "Cha gio"  - a popular Vietnamese dish consisting of ground meat, usually pork, wrapped in rice paper and deep-fried.

Banh Mi -   a kind of a sandwich that consists of a Vietnamese single-serving baguette, which is split lengthwise and filled with meat and vegetables.

Our Vietnamese experience at Ngon Villa

Some of the best signature dishes see on photos below, they are really worth trying.



Food - exceptional;

Service - exceptional;

Ambience - exceptional;

Price - exceptional, great value for money;

Overall - this is a must visit place for Authentic Vietnamese food in Hanoi.

Ngon Villa is one of the best Vietnamese restaurants with authentic cuisine. Judging by our personal experience it is absolutely value for money, first, then it is a hidden gem just in the heart of of Hanoi without any exaggeration. Being in Ngon Villa is not a culinary journey, but a cultural journey as well. This restaurant is highly recommended. Don't hesitate, just book your table and go. The restaurant is also a perfect place for a special occasion, for a romantic dinner or just for hanging out with friends. 

Tip! If you are interested in cooking classes, here is an additional information. Cooking classes are available for all, from the beginner to the professional. But you should make up your mind whether you are an expert or an amateur. Each session is three hours, available for booking from 9 a.m to 12 p.m. And you have a choice of having a cooking class in private or in a group.

Ngon Villa Hanoi, Vietnam

Address: 10 Tống Duy Tân, Hàng Bông, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội 100000, Vietnam  
Phone: +84 24 3221 2222

December, 2017