Lembongan Island

Lembongan is a small island, which is located just 30 minutes boat trip from Bali. It is a part of a group of islands - Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Penida.

I consider Lembongan and Ceningan being one island as these two islands are very close to each other with the connection by the yellow bridge and you can easily move from one island to another by bike. Nowadays Lembongan becomes more and more popular among tourists visiting Bali. It is a really amazing scenic place. 

Being here and seeing all these fantastic places you start realising how magnificent and dramatic the nature is. You realise everything you worry about is nothing in comparison with all the beauty you see here. You can't stop admiring the infinite ocean, stunning sunsets and breathtaking views. That's the power of nature. That's the way I feel being in Lembongan. The island is a great opportunity to get back to nature.

How to get there

The easiest and most convenient way to get to Lembongan is from Bali, from Sanur Beach. There are many ferry companies operating there. You can book your tickets online. The price is around 500,000 Rp for a round trip and 300,000 Rp for one way ticket. The pick-up and drop-off  from your hotel is usually included. The trip is only 30 minutes but be ready to have some unpredictable delays as Balinese people are never in a hurry.


Lembongan became a very popular place among tourists so there is a wide choice of all types of accommodation - from a budget room in a guest house or home stay to a luxury villa with stunning ocean view and infinity pool. But don't expect too much if you book quite an expensive hotel. The service and amenities are not so high as in luxury five-star resorts in Bali. Actually for me Lembongan is not about high end hotel. It is all about the magnificent ocean, powerful waves, dramatic cliffs and incredible sunsets. So a wide range of hotels allows you to find a really good accommodation for 20-50 USD per night. 

The average price for a 3-star and 4-star hotels is 60-80 USD. A popular type of accommodation is a hut. Huts are very similar to bungalows. They are of a very simple design, sometimes with poor Wi-Fi connection, and pretty often with a fan instead of air-conditioner. So highly recommend you to read the description of a room when you choose it. Lembongan (5)

Lembongan island develops rapidly, and now good news are that many modern villas with infinity pools or private pools are available for even less than 100 USD. As we have been to Lembongan many times, we stayed in different types of accommodation. Here are some hotels I can recommend you. First, let's start with fancy one - Harmony Villas.

Lembongan Harmony Villas

Lembongan (26)

Lembongan Harmony Villas is a luxury type of accommodation which is located on the hilltop overlooking the ocean and Jungut Batu Beach. The stunning views and an infinity pool are the main reasons why we choose this villa. We booked a gorgeous villa featuring the huge private infinity pool with amazing ocean views to the Mount Agung and Bali island. The price per night is around 200 USD. This two-bedroom villa with maximum occupancy for six persons is a great choice for a big family or for a group of friends. We celebrated Birthday here and it was real fun. Except this villa, they have cheaper options with prices starting from 80 USD per night. 

Address: LembJalan Raya, Jungutbatu, Nusapenida, Klungkung Regency, Bali 80771, Indonesia

Lembongan (25)

Lembongan Sanctuary Villa

Lembongan Sanctuary Villas have the same location as Harmony Villas. And it was a kind of surprise for us that they are actually the same hotel. The view is awesome, the private pool is amazing, the villas are newly renovated with a modern design. The price for a one bedroom villa with a private infinity pool is a bit cheaper, than Harmony villas, but the views and atmosphere are on the same level. The price per night is 140 USD.

Address: LembJalan Raya, Jungutbatu, Nusapenida, Klungkung Regency, Bali 80771, Indonesia

Ceningan offers even more secluded hotels and many of them are with great ocean views. Last time we stayed in the nice hotel, Villa Trevally, which is located just on the Secret Beach. It is a nice secluded beach in a small blue lagoon overlooking Nusa Penida. If you want to visit Secret Beach and you are not a guest at the hotel you have to buy something in the bar.


Lembongan is all about beautiful blue lagoons, dramatic cliffs, white-sand beaches and diving. The best way to explore the island is by motorbike or for family rides there is a good option to rent a golf car. The traffic is not high, so don't be afraid of driving, it is pretty comfortable. The rental price for a scooter is 70,000 Rp per day. Motorbikes are available for rent almost everywhere. Any hotel offers bikes. But I suggest you rent it at Mushroom Beach, there is a choice and you are more likely to find a good one. We prefer the brand name "Scoopy".

Tip! Always bargain with Balinese people and you will get a cheaper price.


Mushroom Beach

Mushroom Beach is a nice beach with incredible crystal clear aquamarine water. Some of the boats arrive here from Bali and there are a lot of restaurants and bars. It is a good place to have dinner, watch a sunset or simply relax from the hustle and bustle of Bali. The famous Hai Bar is located at Mushroom Beach. 

Sandy Beach

Sandy Beach is another beautiful beach. It is much smaller than Mushroom Beach but very picturesque. Rough waves, azure water and white sand make the beach amazing.

Dream Beach

Dream Beach is a wonderful place with waves and beautiful colour of water.

Devil's Tear

Devil's Tear is a popular touristic spot, can be easily reached by scooter. A very scenic view - powerful waves crashing into the dramatic cliffs.

Tip! Be careful, don't stand close to the edge.

Pantai Mahagiri

Pantai Mahagiri is a large beach area with snow-white sand and turquoise crystal-clear water overlooking the famous mount Agung.

Sunsets here are unbelievable.

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is located in Ceningan so you have to cross a yellow bridge first and then be prepared to have a challenging road trip as roads there leave to be better. But it is an incredible place, you won't regret it. Blue Lagoon is an outstanding scenic place with unbelievable turquoise colour of water.

These pictures were taken in a nice sunny day at midday.

But Blue Lagoon is beautiful any day, any time.

Here are some more pictures of nature around Ceningan.

Jumping Point

Just close to the Blue Lagoon is a famous Jumping Point. But last time we have been there it was closed because of very rough waves.

Lembongan is a really hidden gem of Bali. Highly recommended. 2-3 days are enough for visiting.


Lemongrass Bar & Restaurant

Lemongrass Bar & Restaurant is our favourite place for having dinner lunch or even breakfast. Lemongrass is an extremely popular lively place in Lembongan. The main reason - they serve great food. Lemongrass specialises in seafood and Italian dishes. The quality of the restaurant can be described as a very high level. All dishes we tried here are really delicious and what is important the way each dish served to your table is comparable to the high-end restaurant. As we have been there many times, we tried almost everything. And yes, they do have Indonesian signature dishes. Twice a week there is a live music. And it is strongly recommended  to book a table for dinner.

So to resume everything here are the main highlights of Lemongrass:

- fresh seafood prepared in a very exquisite way;

- wood fired pizza;

- live music twice a week.

Lembongan (10)We really love their grilled Mahi Mahi fish served with mashed potatoes and  vegetables. Every time we are in Lemongrass Mahi Mahi is a must to order. Another great dish is seafood platter consisting of a king prawn, calamari and fish. They have different platters including surf-and-turf. And if you want you even can order your food by phone and they will deliver it to your hotel. The menu is really huge. Just believe us, you won't regret if you come here. The prices are very welcoming, from 30K to 90K Ruppee.

Lembongan (33)

G_Pan Corner Bar & Grill

G_Pan Corner Bar and Grill is number one restaurant in the whole Lembongan to have grilled whole fish in Indonesian style. Being honest whole grilled snapper in G_Pan Corner Bar and Grill is much better than in any restaurant in Bali.  The restaurant is the best place to have delicious fresh seafood. Their grilled king prawns are to die for. We highly recommend you to try grilled snapper served with sambal sauce, garlic king prawns, seafood cocktail and thai beef salad. The prices here will be a good surprise for you. 

 Lembongan (12)

Lembongan (13)

We can suggest you 2 days staying in Lembongan and one day - to go for a day trip to even more spectacular and less touristic island - Nusa Penida.