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Flores Indonesia


- Padar Island

- Komodo Dragons

- Pink Beach

- Kanawa Island

- Village Waerebo

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-Exploring Indonesian culture

Flores is a beautiful island in Indonesia with the incredible pristine nature. With its location just one-hour flight from Bali, Flores remains pretty untouched but gains popularity among tourists rapidly. The name of the island “Flores” literally means “flowers” from Portuguese.

The famous Komodo National Park is located in Flores and it is the home of Komodo Dragons. You won’t find these giant creatures anywhere in the world except Komodo National Park.

Actually, Komodo Dragons are the giant lizards. They can reach up to 3 meters in length and up to 70 kg in weight. They can run as fast as 20 km per hour and they possess an excellent vision. That’s why all tourists are urged to keep a distance from them.

Another reason to visit Flores is Padar Island. Go Hiking to the top of the island and enjoy absolutely stunning views of Padar Island featuring gorgeous untouched beaches. Three separate areas represent white, black and pink beaches.

Exploring Flores

So, the main question is how to start your journey.

Labuan Bajo, a small fishing village in the western part of Flores, is a starting point of the trip. There are several ways to go there.

The most convenient is to take a flight from Bali. The flight time is only one hour and a half. The price for a round trip is approximately can be as cheap as 60 USD in low season and 150-200 USD in high season. Labuan Bajo opens the gate to further exploration of the majestic island of Flores.

Labuan (3)

Here, in Labuan Bajo, book a day tour or a private boat to Komodo National Park. As we had only few days in Flores, we booked a day tour in advance.

The itinerary included the following stops - Padar Island, Rinka Island, Pink Beach and Kanawa Island.

Early in the morning we had pick-up from our hotel in Labuan Bajo to the harbour. After check in to the boat we started our journey.

The boat trip from the harbour to our first stop, Padar Island, was around two hours. But all the way you admire the beauty of the beauty of nature. Flores is a magical place. It is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. And it is definitely worth going there.

Padar Island

We arrived at Padar Island at noon. Hiking to the top of Padar Island was amazing. All the way up the views were simply perfect. The weather was perfect – sunny with hardly a cloud in the sky. On our way to the top we made so many stops to take pictures. In spite of being on a tour we felt as if we are the only people in this magical place.

The powerful infinite Indian Ocean, lush mountains, pristine beaches – all this makes you feel the power of nature.

Rinka Island

After Padar Island we headed to Rinka Island, which is a national park and the home of the famous Komodo Dragons. What we didn’t expect is the entrance fee, which was 200,000 Rupee per person. The dragons are really huge and massive. You can’t walk around the national park without a ranger. If you’d like to, you can make a photo with a dragon.

The next and the last stop was Pink Beach where we could do snorkelling. Unfortunately, as it turned out we didn’t have enough time to visit Kanawa Island. Our guide told us it was too far away from the Pink Beach and we wouldn’t manage to go there. That’s the example of how tours are planned in Indonesia. We were disappointed by had nothing to do with it as only to take as granted. Tourism in Flores is in process of developing therefore you are highly recommended to choose your tour properly. Our experience showed as that you can only visit Padar island, Rinka island and the Pink beach during your day tour.

Snorkelling and diving experience in Flores

Snorkelling in Flores is really worth going there. Marine life is really impressive. So many fish species you won’t find anywhere else. That’s why Flores is popular among divers. Manta rays, sting rays, dolphins, Blue-fin tuna, blue whales, oceanic sharks and mola mola fish are among the highlights. You can watch them all in big quantities.

On our way back to Labuan Bajo we watched the beautiful sunset.

Accommodation in Labuan Bajo

Labuan (2)

We stayed in a hilltop hotel, Selini on the Hill Villas and Spa, with the incredible view to the harbour.

Sunsets here are the highlight.

Labuan (1)

Our room was a kind of the eco-house in Indonesian style. In general, Labuan Bajo offers a great choice of all types of accommodation.

Labuan (2)

The average price is 30-70 USD. For this price you can easily find a very nice villa in Balinese style or a room in a 3-star, or even 4-star hotel.

A bed in a hostel or a room in a guest house or home stay can be as cheap as 10 USD per night. But the average price is 20 USD per night.

For those searching for a luxury stay, Labuan Bajo offers several 4-star hotels with a price range from 100 to 200 USD in average.

In spite of lack of time to visit the famous traditional Waerebo village, volcanic Lake Kelimatu, we enjoyed our experience of the Komodo National park with its beautiful Padar Island and pink beach. Our next trip to Flores will be at least for one week. Flores is so beautiful that it is definitely worth going there.


- Tickets from Bali to Labuan Bajo – can be as cheap as 60 USD for return tickets. In high season the price usually rises and the flight from Bali to Labuan Bajo can be 150 USD.

- Accommodation in Labuan Bajo – 65 USD per night.

- Day tour to Komodo National Park – 100 USD per person.

Overall, Flores and Komodo National Park offer so many places to see that you can go there again and again. We will definitely go there in the nearest future and explore all parts of this beautiful island.

June 2019