Dragon's Back Hike

About the hike

Distance - 7 km;

Time (trail only) - 2 hours;

Difficulty - easy, good for beginners;

Equipment - sport shoes, hats, sunscreen and at least one litre of water. As there are no shops on the way and no shade to hide from the heat.

Tip! Can be overcrowded with tourists, especially on weekends and public holidays.



- the best known urban hike in Hong Kong;

- beach hike;

- 360 degrees views over Shek O and Big Wave beaches.

Dragon's Back

Hiking is a popular sport activity worldwide. Hong Kong with its numerous mountains and country parks is a hiking paradise. Everybody has a wide choice of hiking trails with various levels of difficulty. Here I am talking about the hike, which seems suits everybody. It is a good combination of stunning mountains, incredible city views and picturesque beaches.

Dragon's Back hike is one of the most popular hiking trails in Hong Kong not only among locals but tourists as well. No wonder, it's an urban hike, you don't have to waste hours to get there and  the trail leads directly to one of the most famous public beaches, Big Wave Beach. And in comparison with other beach hikes like Four Beaches Hiking Route in Sai Kung country park,  Dragon's Back is pretty easy and you can make it any time of the day.

But it seems to me that many tourists don't go the whole trail, they only climb up to the top and then go back, so trust me, the second part of the hike is not overcrowded. And okay, if you visit Hong Kong for a weekend or couple of days,

I highly recommend you go to Dragon's Back and get acquainted with a beautiful nature of Hong Kong Island. 

How to get there

First, you should go to Shau Kei Wan MTR station, take exit A1 and get minibus 9.

Get off the minibus at Dragon's Back start point.

This hike is very popular among tourists so you won't miss the stop.

Tip! Prepare to pay in cash in a minibus as they don't accept an Octopus card.

The trip from Shau Kei Wan MTR station to the starting point is about 20 minutes.

The trail starts with an ascent, you have to climb up the stairs, surrounded by jungles.

The views from the top are incredible.

Open views to Shek O Beach, golf course and Big Wave Beach. The trail is very greenery, path is easy to go, so what you need is just follow the signs and enjoy the beautiful nature.

That's the view to one of the most popular tourists' sights, Stanley village. Just in 5 minutes from the starting point.

Stanley is a seaside village, located in Hong Kong Island. A lot of expats choose Stanley for a living.  Stanley Bay is full of western style restaurants and cafes along the promenade. Tourists like Stanley for the famous Stanley Market with the abundance of souvenirs, ornaments and clothes. 

The way to the top

The highest point is 285 m, the views are amazing.

 Shek O Peak is the perfect place to take in the panorama of the peninsula’s coastline. When you turn around to observe the winding trails, you’ll finally see how Dragon’s Back got its well-deserved name.

 Shek O Peak is the perfect place to take in the panorama of coastline. Dragon's Back hike has its name because of its winding trails, which resemble a dragon's back so much.

360 degrees views - Shek O from one side, Stanley from another side.

It was not clear that day, so visibility is low, but still Hong Kong is amazing.

After reaching the highest point of 285 m the path will be without epic views, mostly shaded and sometimes slippery and uneven, but the feeling of being in jungles is guaranteed. That's unbelievable as you are just in a hike considered be urban one! Another good news is you won't be exhausted as the last stage of the trail is a sharp descent.

The path will lead you to Big Wave Beach, a popular spot for surfers in Hong Kong.

Big Wave Beach

Big Wave Beach is a public beach, which is located next to Shek O Beach. The beach is overcrowded with people. As its name says, Big Wave beach has big waves and it is a popular spot in Hong Kong for surfing. A lot of people of all age try to surf or paddle. You can rent a surf just on the beach and grab some food  in a nearby restaurants and shops

Wherever you are in Hong Kong, you will definitely find a secluded spot with spectacular views.

Here is my vision of Big Wave Beach.

Dramatic waves and no people. That's amazing.

How to get back

From Big Wave Beach:

- take  any minibus with the Sign "Shau Kei Wan" or a taxi (as an option)

- from Shau Kei Wan MTR go to Central.

Tip! There can be a lot of people on weekends and public holidays, so be ready to waste some time in a queue.


April, 2018