Don Quijote

Spanish brunch

Every Saturday and Sunday

from 11:00 till 2:30


38++ juices and soft drinks;

58++ beer, wines, sangria;

69++ sangria de Cava, Cava.

The atmosphere is very relaxing - quiet Spanish music on the background, dim lighting.


The menu is in Spanish but with a translation in English. It consists of 16 different tapas, one Russian salad, 3 types of soup, 2 pastas and pastry.

Tip! The restaurant has a wastage policy - all meals should be consumed otherwise you have to pay extra for wastage at a la carte price.

So we chose a soup to start with. There are three different kind of soups in menu -  vegetable, pumpkin and mushroom. The mushroom soup was very delicious, rich and creamy.

Then we tried Russian salad.

From 16 tapas we tried 7, portions are not too big but hearty. So here are some photos of tapas we liked.

Asparagus rolled in bacon.

Garlic fried shrimp.

Crab, scallop and avocado meats made into a dip.

Oven-baked eggplant in casserole.

Garlic fried shrimp rolled in eggplant.

Barbecued spice sausages.

Garlic Fried mushrooms.

After all tapas, we made up our mind to try pasta and it was worth trying. Beef and mushroom pasta was tasty, rich and creamy.

To end up our Spanish brunch we took a cheesecake. And then one more. And never regretted it, the most delicious cheesecake ever! So soft, so smooth, so tender. It melts in your mouth. A cheesecake to die for!

Well, overall Don Quijote is a nice Spanish restaurant with homemade food and we recommend going there, the restaurant can be considered as a value for money. Cheers!