Colony Ritz Carlton

Vintage Champagne Brunch

A true Taste of Singapore

Brunch - every Sunday from 12 p.m to 3:30 p.m;


192++ per adult with a free-flow of Champagne Barons de Rothschild Ritz Millesime 2010, Champagne Barons de Rothschild Ritz Rose NV , red and white whines, beers, selected cocktails, mocktails and soft drinks;

142++ per adult for unlimited soft drinks, juice and mineral sparkling water;

96++ per child (six to twelve years old);

48++ per child (three to six years old);

*All prices are in Singapore dollars and subject to service charge and government tax.

Location - Ritz-Carlton Hotel Singapore.


- fine dining experience;

- supreme food quality;

- international cuisine;

- exceptional service.


Colony is a restaurant in a classic colonial style. The interior creates a feeling of peace and comfort. Exquisite wooden furniture, soft armchairs, various pictures in wooden frames, pin-up lamps on the walls are designed in warm colours. Simple but tasteful. The ambience is cosy and relaxing. This high end restaurant  located in Ritz Carlton Hotel at Marina Bay is always fully booked, so it is highly recommended to book a table in advance.

Sunday Brunch at Colony

Colony has a wide range of signature dishes from different cuisines, a selected choice of seafood, the grill station, the fruit stall, a unique cheese presentation and the patisserie. And what differs Colony from other fine-dining restaurants is an exceptional quality of food. All dishes are of a very high level.

So here is a short summary of this delicious brunch.

That's how your Sunday should looks like. Two glasses of champagne with fresh oysters - a classic style and a perfect start of a wonderful brunch.


Selection of cheeses was the most impressive station with a presentation like no other restaurant has. The wide range of European cheeses, accompanied by the honeycomb installation is worth being mentioned. I suppose all possible kinds of cheese are presented there. That's really incredible.


Seafood station has a pretty good choice - freshly shucked oysters of three different kinds -"Crassotres Gigas" from Ireland, "Saint Michel" from France, and "Fanny Bay" from Canada, Alaskan King Crab, Snow Crab, Lobster Claws, clams, prawns, mussels, snails, the whole salmon. Everything is fresh and delicious. When we've been there, oysters were extremely popular among guests, Despite being in high demand, the staff managed to shuck the oysters and keep them always in huge quantities. 


The Japanese corner at Colony is an absolutely highlight of the brunch. Sashimi is an extremely popular Japanese delicacy which is simply very fresh raw fish or meat sliced pieces eaten with soy sauce.

Here all sashimi are made of the super freshest ingredients. Moreover, they can be made just special for you if you ask about it. Salmon sashimi is highly recommended. 


Foie Gras is a world-famous French delicacy. It is considered a luxury product made of the liver of a duck or goose that has been fattened on purpose. Sunday brunch at Colony gives you an opportunity to try this popular delicacy. The way the foie gra is served is very creative. Looking at this masterpiece it is hardly possible to resist. 


For meat lovers the Colony offers a variety of western favourites -  suckling pig, grilled lamb legs, slow cooked beef, spring chicken, accompanied with assorted roasted potato.


Cold cuts and canapes consists of so many dishes - duck foie gras parfait, which is a rich pate with a very smooth consistency, grilled octopus, Spanish well-known delicacies - Iberico Ham, Iberico chorizo, pork salami, beef bresaola and many others. 

The salmon brioche was amazing. For those who don't know brioche is French dish, it is a pastry stuffed with different fillings, for example, salmon. Simple but you can't resist it.

Colony has such a wide choice of dishes and it is a really unique opportunity to have such a culinary experience. A special attention should be given to Asian delights. Colony offers you to dip into the world of Asian cuisine - Chinese, Malay, Indian, and try their signature dishes including famous chicken rice, chili crabs, steamed dumplings, various noodle soups, s selection of satay, chicken tandoori, spicy Sichuan dishes .


Have a try of Chinese dumplings - Shanghai style, spinach, scallop and crystal.


The signature dishes of Malay, Chinese, Indian and Singaporean cuisines are creative in presentation.


Colony has a dessert for everyone - various pastries, tarts, macarons, cakes, cookies, ice-cream. Here you can also try come local Singaporean delights, such as gula melaka, tapioka, pandan. If you are not keen on sweets just have some fruit and berries to end up your perfect brunch.

We ended up our brunch with a complimentary cake for our special occasion.

Now it is high time to make a final conclusion, and to answer the main question - whether Colony is worth those money or not. For me Champagne Sunday brunch at Colony is in the top three of hotel brunches in Singapore. If you are thinking of a hotel brunch, Colony at Ritz Carlton is the best place to go. The price is worth its value. You don't overpay, you literally get the best of the best - dishes, service, ambience. The colony with its classical atmosphere and world class service is a perfect place for celebrating a special occasion or just hanging out with your friends and family. 

Having visited almost all hotel brunches in Singapore, I can assure you the brunch at Colony is really unique and one-of-a-kind, you don't simply have brunch, but you have a culinary journey through international cuisines. We have been there more than three times, and never regret it. There is a good proverb "You better starve, than eat whatever". You won't be starving at the Colony. The best brunch ever.


Food - exceptional;

Ambience - perfect;

Price - expensive but value for money;

Service - exceptional.

Besides Champagne Sunday brunch Colony offers a variety of buffet options - breakfast, lunch (Monday to Saturday), the Journey Afternoon Tea (Monday to Saturday), dinner (Sunday to Thursday) and seafood dinner (Friday & Saturday). You can check the menu on the official website

Address: 7 Raffles Avenue Singapore 039799
Tel: +65 6434 5288


Hope this review was helpful for you.

June, 2018