Beirut Grill is a great place to try signature Lebanese dishes – MEZZA (starters, antipasti) and signature “Beirut Lamb Chops”. The quality and service are of a very high quality. It proved by the fact that all herbs and spices are imported from Beirut, Lebanon, and the staff work with the motto “Your Wish Is Our Command” which corresponds as “A (W)elcoming and (I)nspiring (S)ervice from the (H)eart”


Arab Street with its main sight, Sultan Mosque, is one of the must-places to visit when in Singapore. The name of the street has two main interpretations – first, Arab Street was owned by the Arab merchant, another one – it was the area where the majority of Arabs lived in.

The area features numerous textile and handicraft shops, small cafes and coffee shops and, of course, Arab Street is the cluster of all Middle-Eastern restaurants in Singapore. Here you can such a great variety of restaurants that sometimes it is difficult to make choice. We’d like to recommend you the best Lebanon restaurant to try Middle Eastern cuisine - Beirut Grill.


Beirut Grill offers an unforgettable authentic dining experience. The interior of the restaurant is Arabic themed with deemed light, candles and ornaments on the walls. There are tables inside and outside. If you choose a seat outside you can enjoy the incredible atmosphere of Arab Street with its colourful shops, exquisite restaurants, and live music. The inside atmosphere is more ultimate and romantic.


Beitut Grill menu consists of starters, pastries, cold and hot mezza, a wide variety of kebabs and some deserts.

Starters include Halloumi salad, Falafel salad, Tabbouleh.

Tabbouleh is a salad made of finely chopped parsley, with tomatoes, mint, onion, bulgur, and seasoned with olive oil and lemon juice.

Pastries feature Sambousek lamb (deep fried Lebanese pastry filled with minced lamb), or cheese roll.

One of the highlight of Beirut Grill is its mezza section which consists of cold and hot mezza.

Mezza stands for a small dish, a dip, an appetizer in Middle-Eastern cuisine.

Hummus is an extremely popular mezza in Middle-Eastern cuisine. It is actually dip made from cooked, mashed chickpeas and topped with olive oil, lemon juice.

Here, in Beirut Grill there are four variety of this dish – plain hummus, paprika hummus, jalapeno hummus and hummus Bil-lahmeh.

Hummus Bil-Lameh is a must try in Beirut Grill. You should definitely try this super delicious mezza.

Hummus Bil-Lahmeh is a hummus topped with marinated minced lamb, pine nuts and onion and served with hot pita bread. By the way all cold mezza in Beirut are served with pita bread.

Another popular mezza which is also a must-try here is Babaghanoush.

Babaghanoush is a chargrilled eggplant and mixed vegetables topped with extra virgin olive oil.

From hot mezza Sizzling Kefalotyri Cheese with caramelized onion is highly recommended. Actually this dish is really to die for!

Beirut Grill offers a wide range of kebabs – beef kebab, lamb kebab kofta, lamb chops, tandoori chicken, prawn kebab and many others.

Mixed Grill Kebab Platter is a signature dish in Beirut Grill. First, it consists of four types of kebab – lamb chops, lamb kebab kofta, beef kebab and shish taouk. Second, the presentation of the dish is super creative and unique.

Beef Kebab is highly recommended. This kebab consists of beef cubes marinated in a special sauce and served with grilled vegetables and rice (or fries if you ask them). Besides, Beef Kebab comes with super delicious small sauce platter consisting of homemade Lebanese style dips.

It is not common for Middle-Eastern restaurants to serve alcohol, but here in Beirut Grill they do serve alcohol beverages – red wine, white wine, draught beer.

For your reference here are some prices (in Singapore Dollar).

  • Hummus – 10;
  • Hummus Bil-Lahmeh – 14;
  • Babaghanoush – 11;
  • Sizzling Kefalotyri Cheese - 16;
  • Beef Kebab – 22;
  • Mixed Grill Kebab Platter – 39;
  • Lamb chops - 29.

Note! Prices are subject to 10% service charge and  7% government taxes.

Beirut Grill is a truly authentic Middle-Eastern restaurant serving Lebanese food of a very high quality. Personally, Beirut Grill is the best restaurant in the whole Arab Street.

Beirut Grill - definitely worth visiting, totally value for money.


Address: 72 Bussorah St, Singapore 199485 For reservations: +65 63417728


Opening Hours: 12pm -11pm

November, 2019